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Below are some examples of 1:1 hand painted fine art available for sale. Crafted by The World Is Yours using only high quality acrylic paint and various lottery tickets as the background. Thumbnails are never to scale. Sales are final and shipping is free. Custom work available. Feel free to inquire via the contact button below if you have any questions.

Instant Win Collection
By The World Is Yours

Why scratch-offs?

Lottery tickets symbolize the human desire for good fortune, emphasizing the role of chance and luck in life. They represent individuals' aspirations for a better life or an escape from their current circumstances through wealth. The often misguided belief that money can solve all problems highlights the allure and excitement of the idea that one's life can change overnight. However, it's important to remember that money is not everything, no matter how desperate we might feel. This collection encourages viewers to reflect on their own values and priorities, reminding them to seek fulfillment beyond material wealth.

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