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Born in Huntington, New York

Lives & works in Miami, Florida

"The World Is Yours is an emerging and captivating new artist who has been mastering the art of blending paints with a myriad of collage mediums, pop culture, and fresh perspectives. 

He embarked on this artistic quest at a young age with a naturally creative and expressive spirit. His juvenile curiosity often leading him to escape reality by sketching not only the world around him, but the world within his head as well. Later in his life marked a pivotal moment when he delved into painting, and the flames of creativity were ignited. That persistent fire led him to chase his dreams.

​His artist name 'The World Is Yours' serves as a constant reminder that anything is possible and can be accomplished by believing in yourself. Remarkably, he charted his own path to becoming an artist without the confines of a formal art education. Instead, he persevered on a unique journey of self-discovery, embracing each and every canvas as an opportunity to learn and grow while pushing his personal limits. His art is a testament to his unwavering love for his dream and the process, an affair that fuels his progress with each creation.

These pieces are crafted to resonate with the emotions of the viewer's soul, effortlessly weaving together vibrant colors and evocative scenes with Miami's electric energy and edgy vibe. His artwork dances between new modern and familiar vintage feelings, inviting you to explore a world where imagination and perspective know no bounds.

Every brushstroke tells a unique story of his artistic career and each piece his outlook on our human experience.

No subject matter is out of reach for his style, attesting to his artist name; The World Is Yours."

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