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16" x 20"


"Appdicted" is a compelling painting that portrays the modern-day addiction to technology and social media. At the center is a pill bottle with a tech company logo on the prescription label, symbolizing the pervasive influence of such companies in our daily lives. Spilling out of the bottle are pills, each representing different social media apps, capturing the notion of digital consumption and dependency. The dark gray and gloomy background enhances the painting's somber tone, underscoring the potentially negative impact of excessive screen time and digital reliance. Gray and neutral colors are used as a backdrop to convey isolation and disconnection. Our "app addiction" is much like a potent medication, it can sometimes dominate our lives and impact our well-being.


This piece was hand painted using high quality acrylic paints over a wooden stretched canvas. The entire piece is top coated for a light reflective finish, as well as, UV and moisture resistance. Feel free to inquire about this piece if it is still available. 


  • All sales are final, no returns.

  • Shipping is included in the asking price. 

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