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30" x 30"



"BUY LOW SELL HIGH" is a painting that encapsulates the ethos of savvy investing. The bold words dominate the piece, accompanied by a stock chart arrow trending upward, symbolizing financial success and strategic trading. The background is a rich tapestry of vintage stock and commodity market newspapers, interspersed with images of the high-flying stock market lifestyle. This artwork not only celebrates the timeless principles of smart investing but also offers a glimpse into the glamorous and aspirational world of financial markets.


This custom piece was hand painted using high quality acrylic paints over both vintage magazines and financial newpapers on canvas. The background is comprised of various thoughtfully placed cuttings. The entire piece is sealed with epoxy resin. Feel free to inquire about this piece if it is still available. 


  • All sales are final, no returns. 

  • Shipping is included in the asking price. 

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