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24" x 36"


"KEEP GOIN'" is a motivational painting that features a train going slightly uphill, symbolizing perseverance and resilience. This artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the relentless spirit required to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward. By highlighting the historical challenges faced by railroaders, it encourages the viewer to be unstoppable in the face of adversity, drawing inspiration from the determination of those who built and maintained the railways against all odds.


This piece was hand painted using high quality acrylic paints over a wooden stretched canvas. The background is comprised of vintage railroad magazines from the early 1950's. The entire piece is lightly glossed for a light reflective effect, as well as, UV and moisture resistance. Feel free to inquire about this piece if it is still available.


  • All sales are final, no returns. 

  • Shipping is included in the asking price. 

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