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36" x 36"


"Something Illusory" is an evocative painting themed after the movie "American Psycho." At the center, Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman is depicted screaming, his face covered in blood. This artwork brings themes of identity and madness, merging elements of corporate superficiality with visceral horror. It invites viewers to explore the chilling duality of Bateman's character and the disturbing facade of perfection masking a dark, chaotic inner world.


This piece was hand painted using high quality acrylic paints over a wooden stretched canvas. The background is made up of real "Patrick Bateman" business cards individually cut and placed. The entire piece is topcoated with a thick epoxy resin for a beautiful shine and reflection. It is UV and moisture resistant. Feel free to inquire about this piece if it is still available.

"Something Illusory"

  • All sales are final, no returns. 

  • Shipping is included in the asking price. 

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